Michel Temer: largada queimada na ratificação de Paris (Antônio Cruz/Agência Brasil)


Temer postpones ratification of climate deal

Ceremoy had been scheduled for this Monday and was re-scheduled for September 12th; now Brazil may not be the first major emitter to ratify the Paris Agreement, as meant by the government

28.08.2016 |

Brazil’s interim President, Michel Temer, has postponed to September 12th the ratification ceremony of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The event had been scheduled for 4PM this Monday (29), and was still in the President’s official agenda as of noon this Sunday.

The postponement means Brazil may not be the first major emitter of greenhouse gases to ratify the climate deal, as meant by Mr. Temer. China and the United States are expected to ratify in the first week of September.

The Brazilian ratification would happen in the same day suspended President Dilma Rousseff is to argue her case in the impeachment judgement in the Senate. The senators’ decision on the matter will be pronounced by the middle of the week, but Mr. Temer will travel to China right afterwards for the G20 summit, in September 4th and 5th. In the 7th, Brazil celebrates its Independence holiday.

“However delicate the Brazilian political context may be, postponing ratification is cause for concern. Once again the climatic agenda, which should be a top priority for the Brazilian state, is held hostage of circumstances”, said Carlos Rittl, Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Climate Observatory (Observatório do Clima). “Crisis for crisis, the climatic one is far more serious and will have a much bigger impact on everyone’s future.”


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